Final Fantasy XV is gaming with a capital ‘G’

by Andy Humphreys, Games

I like Final Fantasy XV. Objectively, I mean.

I said exactly that in my review. It’s the best, most accessible Final Fantasy in years, and even though it’s not without its flaws, it does a lot of things really well. That’s what I think. It’s written down, so it must be true.

Having spend a long time with the game now, I stand by everything I said in that review. But I’ve still yet to really fall in love with the FFXV. My problems with it are my own, I’m absolutely sure of that, and I’m also sure that most people that have played the game for as long as I have probably don’t share my opinions. Whatever; I still can’t shake my issues.

Could the Firewatch movie be the first great videogame adaptation?

by Andy Humphreys, Games, Movies

Movies based on games are terrible on the whole, and passable at best. This is a fact that few can dispute. Sure, a few have their merits (a couple of the Resident Evil movies are watchable, Tomb Raider did some things right, Prince of Persia is a mostly fun ride), but considering the huge wealth of incredibly rich source material, there have been an insane amount of utter failures.

FIFA is trying something different with The Journey, and that’s a good thing

by Andy Humphreys, Games

FIFA 17 is a series known for its incremental updates. Each year, we get tighter physics, more accurate tackling, a slightly improved dead-ball mechanic , and so on (in fact these yearly tweaks would’ve resulted in The Perfect Football Game by now, were it not for FIFA’s frustrating tendency to take several steps back every few games).

This year is slightly different. There’s a new thing. A different thing.

That new thing is a game mode that they’re calling The Journey, which is basically that film Goal – you know, the one where the guy rises from humble beginnings to become the next big thing in football.