Final Fantasy XV is gaming with a capital ‘G’

by Andy Humphreys, Games

I like Final Fantasy XV. Objectively, I mean.

I said exactly that in my review. It’s the best, most accessible Final Fantasy in years, and even though it’s not without its flaws, it does a lot of things really well. That’s what I think. It’s written down, so it must be true.

Having spend a long time with the game now, I stand by everything I said in that review. But I’ve still yet to really fall in love with the FFXV. My problems with it are my own, I’m absolutely sure of that, and I’m also sure that most people that have played the game for as long as I have probably don’t share my opinions. Whatever; I still can’t shake my issues.

Mass Effect: Revisit a classic or never go back?

by Andy Humphreys, Games

With the Mass Effect back catalogue recently becoming available as backwards compatible Xbox One titles, I decided, fresh from the newly premiered Mass Effect: Andromeda cinematic trailer, to revisit the original. The reasons for this were a two-fold: First, purely and simply, The Andromeda trailer has whet my appetite, and as a huge fan of the original trilogy, I was pining to return to that incredible world. Secondly, I’ve always felt like a return to the very start might be fun, but I’ve always unfailingly talked myself out of it.

What I remember from my single playthrough years ago is a fantastic story, but gameplay that was decidedly loose in comparison to the later games in the series. I suppose I was always a bit worried that my rose-tinted memories would be cruelly exposed as a product of nostalgia.

Were my fears justified?